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Chipped Tooth Repair

Despite the fact that teeth contain the hardest substance in the body, even harder than bone, occasionally a tooth will crack. There are a variety of situations in which this could occur. Biting on hard objects can cause a tooth to crack. Root canal therapy can make a tooth brittle and therefore more subject to cracking or breaking. Accidents such as those that occur with sports can result in a cracked tooth as well. At Aquia Dental Care, if a cracked tooth is repairable, we can handle that for you with general dentistry. In many cases, a tooth that has been damaged by cracking or breakage can be saved. The key is to have the tooth examined right away.

At the Dentist

Waiting may make the problem worse and may even eliminate the chance of saving the tooth. The viability of a damaged tooth depends on the type and extent of the crack. Cracks that end above the gum line have a much better possibility of being repaired than those that extend below the gum line and that involve the pulp, or nerve center, of the tooth.


Symptoms of a problem can range anywhere from very mild to extreme. Biting down and feeling discomfort is an indication of something wrong. Some people may experience sharp twinges or throbbing pain. Others may experience a dull ache. Any discomfort should be addressed as soon as possible. ​


When you come to Aquia Dental Care for tooth repair we will examine your tooth to determine if it can be saved. If the damage is repairable, we will advise you of your options. The extent of the damage dictates the type of repair that will be most effective. In some circumstances bonding the tooth together again is all that is needed. When the strength of the tooth has been compromised, often a dental crown is recommended for protection and added support. The best solution to your particular case will be decided to keep in mind the goal of preventing the loss of the damaged tooth. Contact our practice today to schedule your appointment.

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